Earn 7% of your friends earnings forever.

Venera Swap gives you an opportunity to maximize your income. So, you can invite your friends to register via the referral link and receive rewards from our referral program. Referral rewards can be received from Farms, Stakes and Swaps.

Get a referral link

Connect your wallet and generate your referral link in the Referral section.

Invite friends

Invite your friends to register via your referral link

Earn crypto

Receive referral rewards 5% in VSW tokens from your friends’ earnings, swaps and stake

Tell your friend about the referral program.

Get additionally 2% income from your friend refers.

Share the referral link connected to your unique address to invite your friends and earn 7% of your friends earnings forever.
If a Person A refers B and the person B uses the affiliate link and stakes in farm or pool, he get 5% of reward of his earnings on pool or farm.
And if B refers other person C and C stakes in Farm, B gets referral reward of 5% and A gets 2%.