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Technical analysis (or TA for short) is the art of predicting price movements through the study of charts that show how an asset has traded in the past. It is necessary to find and compare patterns that have been encountered before. It is assumed that past models are highly likely to work in the more
A technical indicator is the result of mathematical calculations made on the basis of data on prices and trading volumes. Any technical analysis indicator cannot be the only source for making a decision and must be confirmed by additionalread more
The full name of the indicator is Parabolic Stop and Reverse. The prefix "Parabolic" appeared due to the fact that the outlines of the indicator on the chart resemble a more
The VWAP indicator is a great alternative to moving averages. Moving averages are the simplest and most popular indicator, which is one of the basic tools of each trading more
The Bollinger Bands technical indicator was developed by John Bollinger. It is popular among traders because it not only measures market volatility, but also provides a lot of useful more
Today it is one of the best and reliable indicators of technical analysis, which has taken the best from Stochastic and RSI to accurately show periods of excess supply and more
Every trader needs accurate forecasting tools. Earnings on the cryptocurrency exchange are no exception: despite the fact that this market has been formed recently, it also needs to be analyzed and conclusions drawn from more
The Moving Average (MA) method remains the most popular technical analysis tool to this day. He gained his fame due to the ease of construction, calculation and interpretation of the more
RSI is one of the most common technical indicators. Investors like to use it because it is relatively simple to calculate and free from many significant drawbacks of other more
A candle is a way of displaying information about the price movement of an asset. The candlestick chart is one of the most popular components of technical analysis, allowing traders to quickly and easily interpret price informationread more
Liquidity is a measure of how many buyers and sellers are present in the market, how active the market is and how large their orders are. It can be calculated by taking the volume of market transactions and the volume of current pendingread more
Crypto options give the right to buy or sell the underlying cryptocurrency at a set price at the time of expiration of the contract or earlier after the purchase of the premium. Option traders use them to make a profit when an assetread more
At the time when the contract is to be concluded, they both have to fulfill their promise regardless of the actual price of bitcoin at that time. If the future price is higher than the original agreed price, the seller loses and the buyer wins, and vice versa, if the future price is lower than the more
Futures and forward contracts are a way of trading interaction in which you can ignore the dynamics of the price of a commodity, since it is standard and does not change until the end of the contract more
Margin trading is a transaction in which an investor takes a loan secured by a broker to purchase an asset. And if we talk about the crypto market, then everything is almost the same there. Margin trading on the crypto market is theread more
The psychology of the market is based on the idea that the dynamics of market cycles largely depends on the emotional state of its participants. Emotion is the driving force of behavior, including financial more
First of all, you need to know that crypto trading is based on the analysis of two things: the current state of the price and prospects for price changes (trend) of a particular trading more
Market analysis is extremely important for choosing the right strategy. Of course, all these lines, numbers and abbreviations look a little scary, but in general it all comes down to technical and fundamental analysis. We wrote a detailedread more
In the world of cryptocurrencies, everything happens much more spontaneously and unpredictably. We can say that each new day is not like the previous one. Moreover, this makes it difficult to predict market trends and prices of individualread more
Avalanche is one of the first smart contract platforms that executes transactions in less than one second, provides support for the entire suite of Ethereum development tools, and enables millions of independent validators to generateread more
Audius cryptocurrency (AUDIO) is the token of the streaming blockchain platform of the same name for musicians, which provides network security, access to exclusive features and public management. Musicians can use it to create their own fan more
ChainLink (LINK) is a blockchain platform that facilitates collaboration between suppliers and consumers. Thanks to the project, the traditional economic segment can take full advantage of smart contracts. The LINK cryptocurrency appearedread more
Cosmos integrates all types of blockchains, taking advantage of Tendermint and the Inter-Blockchain communication protocol (IBC). Projects tethered to or embedded in the Cosmos Network can directly exchange tokens. Cosmos, which positionsread more
Cardano is a blockchain platform created by the efforts of Input Output Hong Kong and Charles Hoskinson. Charles Hoskinson was used to be a programmer at Ethereum and contributed to the development of Bitshares (specifically, the Invictusread more
Blockchain has certain unique features. There are rules for adding data, and once the data has been stored, it is almost impossible to change or delete it. This entire sequence of blocks is stored in a distributed network. This means that instead of a single server, there is a network of several nodes and each of these nodes stores a copy of the more
Everybody knows about immigrant work. It regards people who send money to their relatives. We see that remittances are big amounts of money in the developing world. It surpasses foreign direct investments as well as official help forread more
For sure it is not a bummer that a prediction market performs conjectural kinds of markets. In this case, its contributors trade not on crypto or options. They trade on data, you know. Categorically, contributors in prediction marketsread more
Would you be as kind as to answer the following question, please? How is a network of individuals and companies taking part in making and sharing a specific product or service called? The right answer is a supply chain. It is a greatread more
The matter is that blockchain technology is very discussed in the healthcare world. The question arises: why does blockchain technology become great for healthcare? Let’s check it out more
Every sector can do nicely if it is connected with Blockchain technology. This method will affect managing networks, fulfilling fair and quick operations. Of course, it will make great improvements in the sphere of governance. Thereread more
Energy. Energetic. Energize. That is all about the blockchain ecosystem. It is really rising very quickly and affecting all people on our beautiful planet nowadays. We cannot say that only cryptocurrency networks are the best friendread more
Now we are feeling excited anticipation due to the fact that we will discuss one of the most interesting use cases of blockchain technology. We are talking about digital identity management and verification. It is not anything likeread more
We can say for sure that a network of sensors and non-computing devices is the principle of IoT technology work and functioning. It is usually the internet functioning of a great number of gadgets alongside objects. We can observe communication of these objects and computers or and devices via the more
Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology. Its greatest power is the ability to provide security, transparency, accountability, and efficiency for different organizations and companies. There is no necessity of trust, more
In the present article, we are going to look into the concept of blockchain. It will help us grasp its basic features as well as understand that everyone has equality of dealing with more
Blockchain is a digital ledger, actually an electronic version of a paper ledger, and is in charge of recording transaction lists. In more detail, a blockchain is a sequential chain of different blocks that are linked together by cryptographicread more
Tether (USDT) is the first stablecoin concerning the world. It began eight years ago. It was done with the help of Brock Pierce, businessman Reeve Collins, as well as software developer Craig more
A consensus algorithm performs as a common thing for users and instruments. It helps them correlate in a shared position. Better late than never to understand that a consensus algorithm is a must-have when we want to be sure that everyread more
The bid-ask spread is when there is a permanent discussion between buyers and sellers. In this case, a spread between the two sides occurs (bid-ask spread). We are going to look into some information in order to be sure in our actionsread more
Why are liquidity pools so significant? The matter is that liquidity pools are really important concerning AMM (automated market makers, in other words). They also matter in the sphere of borrow-lend protocols, synthetic assets, on-chainread more
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