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Avalanche is one of the first smart contract platforms that executes transactions in less than one second, provides support for the entire suite of Ethereum development tools, and enables millions of independent validators to generate more
Audius cryptocurrency (AUDIO) is the token of the streaming blockchain platform of the same name for musicians, which provides network security, access to exclusive features and public management. Musicians can use it to create theirread more
ChainLink (LINK) is a blockchain platform that facilitates collaboration between suppliers and consumers. Thanks to the project, the traditional economic segment can take full advantage of smart contracts. The LINK cryptocurrency appearedread more
Cosmos integrates all types of blockchains, taking advantage of Tendermint and the Inter-Blockchain communication protocol (IBC). Projects tethered to or embedded in the Cosmos Network can directly exchange tokens. Cosmos, which positionsread more
Cardano is a blockchain platform created by the efforts of Input Output Hong Kong and Charles Hoskinson. Charles Hoskinson was used to be a programmer at Ethereum and contributed to the development of Bitshares (specifically, the Invictus Innovations project).read more
Blockchain has certain unique features. There are rules for adding data, and once the data has been stored, it is almost impossible to change or delete it. This entire sequence of blocks is stored in a distributed network. This meansread more
Everybody knows about immigrant work. It regards people who send money to their relatives. We see that remittances are big amounts of money in the developing world. It surpasses foreign direct investments as well as official help forread more
For sure it is not a bummer that a prediction market performs conjectural kinds of markets. In this case, its contributors trade not on crypto or options. They trade on data, you know. Categorically, contributors in prediction marketsread more
Would you be as kind as to answer the following question, please? How is a network of individuals and companies taking part in making and sharing a specific product or service called? The right answer is a supply chain. It is a great opportunity that helps to fulfill this process from the very initial suppliers and to the end customers (as well as users).read more
The matter is that blockchain technology is very discussed in the healthcare world. The question arises: why does blockchain technology become great for healthcare? Let’s check it out more
Every sector can do nicely if it is connected with Blockchain technology. This method will affect managing networks, fulfilling fair and quick operations. Of course, it will make great improvements in the sphere of governance. Thereread more
Energy. Energetic. Energize. That is all about the blockchain ecosystem. It is really rising very quickly and affecting all people on our beautiful planet nowadays. We cannot say that only cryptocurrency networks are the best friendread more
Now we are feeling excited anticipation due to the fact that we will discuss one of the most interesting use cases of blockchain technology. We are talking about digital identity management and verification. It is not anything like all other use cases because it is considered to be very useful and more
We can say for sure that a network of sensors and non-computing devices is the principle of IoT technology work and functioning. It is usually the internet functioning of a great number of gadgets alongside objects. We can observeread more
Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology. Its greatest power is the ability to provide security, transparency, accountability, and efficiency for different organizations and companies. There is no necessity of trust, more
In the present article, we are going to look into the concept of blockchain. It will help us grasp its basic features as well as understand that everyone has equality of dealing with more
Blockchain is a digital ledger, actually an electronic version of a paper ledger, and is in charge of recording transaction lists. In more detail, a blockchain is a sequential chain of different blocks that are linked together by cryptographic evidence. The advent of blockchain technology created numerous advantages across a wide range of more
Tether (USDT) is the first stablecoin concerning the world. It began eight years ago. It was done with the help of Brock Pierce, businessman Reeve Collins, as well as software developer Craig more
A consensus algorithm performs as a common thing for users and instruments. It helps them correlate in a shared position. Better late than never to understand that a consensus algorithm is a must-have when we want to be sure that everyread more
The bid-ask spread is when there is a permanent discussion between buyers and sellers. In this case, a spread between the two sides occurs (bid-ask spread). We are going to look into some information in order to be sure in our actionsread more
Why are liquidity pools so significant? The matter is that liquidity pools are really important concerning AMM (automated market makers, in other words). They also matter in the sphere of borrow-lend protocols, synthetic assets, on-chain insurance, yield farming as well as gaming. We can count all this staff for so long!read more
Proof of Work (PoW) is a consensus algorithm used to prevent 51% attack or double-spending. Proof of Work is the first consensus algorithm, and it is still the main algorithm. It was presented by Satoshi Nakamoto in a white paperread more
In simple terms, BUSD is a digital version of the U.S. dollar. For beginners, it is sometimes not quite clear why traders and investors hold on to BUSD. Despite this, the importance of BUSD and other stablecoins is significant forread more
We should learn about risk management because it is very important in our life. What does risk management mean? In general, it is a skill to assess and react to risks. In the world of money, crypto and any other important things, assessingread more
Cryptoeconomics is eager to overcome all possible issues concerning the coordination of participants in the sphere of the digital world. In case we are going to create a decentralized network, we should think about cryptoeconomics. The matter is that it gives a way in order to align participants’ reasons. Moreover, there will be no necessity for a third party. read more
Trading and investing are marvelous without any doubt. However, can you suggest any more ways regarding your cryptocurrency holdings increasing? On the one hand, they take not much effort in order to set up. On the other hand, theyread more
Every day the financial, virtual and physical worlds become more and more inseparable. Therefore, worlds in which virtual reality complements human life and opens up new opportunities for communication and experiences are more
Polygon stands for a framework. Its aim is to make Ethereum-adaptive blockchain networks and scaling solutions. It should be noted that Polygon is really a protocol rather than just a single solution. If you come across Polygon SDK,read more
At first, there was Solana Labs. Then Solana, which was made in 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko. From the very beginning, Solana blockchain has a new manner of confirmation of transactions. It is not a secret that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and so on tolerate scalability as well as rate problems. Don’t be afraid, please! With the help of Solana it becomes very easy to do several millions of transactions a more
Polkadot is an open-source protocol that can be used by anybody. It is believed to be the great stairs in the growth of the blockchain sphere. Polkadot is an idea firstly created by Doctor Wood. He is an initiator of Ethereum. Theread more
DeFi stands for decentralized monetary applications. It can apply to any financial or payment system. These are distributed without using a mediator or an entity to centralize more
Etherscan helps to look up transactions, smarts contracts as well as wallet addresses on the Ethereum blockchain. In essence, Etherscan is both a blockchain explorer and analytics platform. This platform can act with the functionsread more
Need proof that everybody is provided with transparency to the Binance ecosystem? So, the matter is that BscScan indexes the Binance Smart Chain. Consequently, it becomes searchable through a marvelous and helpful user more
Let me introduce you to a crypto token offering run on a Decentralized Exchange: we call it IDO. It should be mentioned that liquidity pools have a very great role in IDO's because they make liquidity post-sale. Would you like toread more
ICO stands for an Initial Coin Offering. ICO helps various teams to get funds for any necessary project regarding the cryptocurrency world. The matter is that teams cause blockchain-build tokens in order to sell to supporters at veryread more
You should always keep your cryptocurrencies safe, whether you're purchasing them, storing them, or investing them. Otherwise, you will never get back your lost tokens. Learning how to properly protect your digital coins is a crucialread more
In blockchain networks, transaction fees are primarily paid to miners or validators who help confirm transactions and protect the network from spam attacks. Transaction fees can be either high or low, depending on how the network works. Economic processes can also affect the amount of fees. High fees can hinder the further development of blockchain, while low fees can pose security more
The concept of Proof of Burn is probably the most recognized and reliable alternative to the PoW consensus algorithm in the cryptocurrency world, even though there are more than one version of PoB. In many ways Proof of Burn is similarread more
The matter is that smart contracts here are apps that function on a blockchain. They run as a digital agreement. Such an agreement is always carried out by a certain number of rules. We should note that the mentioned rules are presetread more
Proof of Authority (PoA) is a reputation-based consensus algorithm that is a practical and powerful solution for blockchain networks (including private ones). The PoA consensus algorithm relies on identity value, which means thatread more
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