What does the Internet of Things mean?

Who forgot the Digital Revolution in the 1950s? Oh, without any doubt it was the most remarkable event ever. Nowadays, since that time, we have experienced a lot of groundbreaking and amazing technologies. Isn’t it a marvel? This sphere is developing and advancing extremely quickly, that is why almost all techs have already become popular. They are really accessible.

When RFID chips, sensors, as well as the Internet were based, nobody understood that it was the beginning of something even bigger. We are speaking about the concept of the Internet of Things. Perhaps you have heard the abbreviation IoT. Thus a new epoch in the world of IT began. With the help of IoT technologies there has been a great shift in this world lately. 

The beginning of IoT

It all began at MIT, you know, at that time students at universities made use of not expensive sensors so as to observe and restock their cola dispenser machine. Wonderful, isn’t it? 

It was about the 1990s when Microsoft and some other businesses started to experiment with the same ideas. Nowadays a lot of  media outlets are discussing the breakthroughs of IoT. For example, we can use smart devices with each other. 


We can say for sure that a network of sensors and non-computing devices is the principle of  IoT technology work and functioning.

It is usually the internet functioning of a great number of gadgets alongside objects.

We  can observe communication of these objects and computers or and devices via the Internet.

For sure, it sometimes consists of the use of thermostats, heart rate monitors, sprinklers, and even security systems for home.   

Why is it so significant nowadays? The matte is that now it is possible to remote monitor and control. The automation becomes true. We able to monitor each device we would like to. It is very useful concerning our smart homes.

IoT for personal and domestic use

My friend wonders in what way we can use IoT technology regarding our personal use. The answer is so amazing! IoT technology is used in hundreds of ways. It can be used both for personal and domestic purposes.  Surely, we can give an example of smart home and home automation. In this situation we can employ some gadgets to monitor and control the use of lights at our house or flat, switch on and off air conditioners, heaters, as well as security systems. We can connect gadgets with different objects. Let it be our smart watches, cell phones and so on. In case you have a smart fridge or TV, it will be a lucky method for you!

Why are automated houses so popular and necessary nowadays? It can greatly make people’s lives better and easier. For instance, it is a wonderful offer for older adults and people with disabilities. It will help them to get helpful options for them. It will be great for the people who have some problems with sight, hearing as well as mobility limitations.

People will be able to use real-time sensors, which will warn their relatives when their relative’s heart rates are over normal or when they experience a fall. Good news for doctors: smart beds will be helpful in case of  detection whether a bed is occupied or not. It becomes easy to monitor if patients lie on the beds.

How to use IoT devices in the sphere of industry?


We can use some sensors so as to monitor the conditions of nature and the environment. It can be temperature, humidity, air pressure, as well as quality.

Farmers will be happy to find out that they will be able to monitor when the livestock has not got water, products.

It can be used by manufacturers to know when several important goods are about to be finished.

It is easy to set automated devices to order more of these goods when the supply is below a certain threshold.

Several limitations

We can see for sure that the Internet of Things has got a lot of potential. It is about to get even more amazing and marvelous suggestions.  Nevertheless, it can have some limitations. Do not panic, because it is a normal thing. To begin with, the usage of IoT structures for businesses and houses is the bigger amount of gadgets needed to be observed and tracked and interconnected. It is not comfortable because, as you know, there are a lot of devices that depend on the Internet connection. It can make the Internet of Things more time-wasting and not so attractive to potential clients.

How to solve the mentioned issue?

The solution is the following: it is necessary to make apps, which let gadgets be tracked in one and the same environment, even with the help of voice commands. Other platforms functionate around hubs that are not dependent on the Internet or WiFi access. 

IoT crypto

There is a fact that a lot of IoT systems are going to be dependent on financial micro-transactions between digital objects. It will enable the exchange of money between non-human devices. Well, cryptocurrencies are definitely a viable option.


The Internet of Things is great for making automation, supervision, as well as control of devices real. It will be widely used. The Internet of Things is going to make our life better and more convenient.  A lot of spheres will advance with the help of it for sure. Of course, do not forget that cryptocurrencies will be a part of the IoT world. Nowadays, there are a limited number of cryptocurrency projects aiming at the IoT world. Nevertheless we are going to discover a lot more very soon,  as technology continues to advance very quickly.

Have you heard about the next generation of the Internet, Web 3.0?

The concept of Web 3.0 promises to give full control over the information on the Internet, and to create a semantic network that allows programs to easily read and process user-generated content. 

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