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The proverb ‘Take the bull by the horns’ is appropriate for the description of a continual period in the financial sphere when prices rise. So, we are talking about a bull market today. The term ‘a bull market’ is usually used regarding the stock market. Nevertheless, it can be found in the spheres of corporates stocks, real estates, goods and so on. What exactly does this word stand for?read more
DEX acts as a platform for matching bids to buy or sell assets of users to trade directly between members (peer-to-peer) without any financial intermediaries. However, most of the existing exchanges, which call themselves decentralized,read more
It seems highly probable that somebody asked Santa Claus about high speed and cheap maintaining in the sphere of decentralized finance. That is why we got these three laconic letters – AMM– as a gift. An AMM (stands forread more
The question of cryptocurrency acceptance by governments and businesses is extremely significant nowadays. Fortunately, centralized crypto exchanges have been regulating the matter since they more
Let's find out what hash id is and how to find it out. A helpful article from VENERA more
One cannot say that we are rolling in crypto exchanges because there are only two types of them: a centralized cryptocurrency exchange and a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. It is hard to define which exchange is cooler. Nevertheless,read more
Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system and the unit of account of the same name. Read more in the more
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is one of the leading trading platforms in the more
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