Cryptocurrency sphere remains one of the most attracting and motivational spheres of our life nowadays. In order to become successful in any sphere, we should be marvelous at its theoretical part. As soon as you decide to deal with crypto, please, be sure that you have learnt the main ideas.

Now we will find out what crypto transaction ID hash denotes. 

Firstly, a hash ID refers to the unique line of characters. This line generally consists of various lowercase letters as well as figures.

Secondly, it is created during every transaction, which is confirmed and added to the blockchain afterwards. A very important fact is that a transaction hash is necessary when you are going to locate funds.

What is a transaction hash location?

As a rule, it is located in transaction details. For instance, you can find it at the top of a web page. You can notice it while seeing your transaction with the help of a block explorer site, See for example

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Besides, it can be discovered due to copying the URL number from the page you are on.

Please, mind, that every transaction on the blockchain is accessible for everybody. Nevertheless, transaction hash has no personal data. It is absolutely safe to share.

Lastly, the hash ID confirms the transaction passing and, consequently, stays one of the most important terms in the huge sphere of cryptocurrency.