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Proof of Work (PoW) is a consensus algorithm used to prevent 51% attack or double-spending. Proof of Work is the first consensus algorithm, and it is still the main algorithm. It was presented by Satoshi Nakamoto in a white paper in 2008, which also formulated the technology to use a new type of money, called more
In simple terms, BUSD is a digital version of the U.S. dollar. For beginners, it is sometimes not quite clear why traders and investors hold on to BUSD. Despite this, the importance of BUSD and other stablecoins is significant forread more
We should learn about risk management because it is very important in our life. What does risk management mean? In general, it is a skill to assess and react to risks. In the world of money, crypto and any other important things, assessingread more
Cryptoeconomics is eager to overcome all possible issues concerning the coordination of participants in the sphere of the digital world. In case we are going to create a decentralized network, we should think about more
Trading and investing are marvelous without any doubt. However, can you suggest any more ways regarding your cryptocurrency holdings increasing? On the one hand, they take not much effort in order to set up. On the other hand, they do not need any effort so as to keep up. Any person can use some ways of income, combine them and get a super income in the end. So, have a look here, because we are going to give you some hints about these options!read more
Every day the financial, virtual and physical worlds become more and more inseparable. Therefore, worlds in which virtual reality complements human life and opens up new opportunities for communication and experiences are more
Polygon stands for a framework. Its aim is to make Ethereum-adaptive blockchain networks and scaling solutions. It should be noted that Polygon is really a protocol rather than just a single solution. If you come across Polygon SDK,read more
At first, there was Solana Labs. Then Solana, which was made in 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko. From the very beginning, Solana blockchain has a new manner of confirmation of transactions. It is not a secret that Bitcoin, Ethereum, andread more
Polkadot is an open-source protocol that can be used by anybody. It is believed to be the great stairs in the growth of the blockchain sphere. Polkadot is an idea firstly created by Doctor Wood. He is an initiator of Ethereum. The main aims of the team are to concentrate on its efforts on safety, ease of use, as well as more
DeFi stands for decentralized monetary applications. It can apply to any financial or payment system. These are distributed without using a mediator or an entity to centralize more
Etherscan helps to look up transactions, smarts contracts as well as wallet addresses on the Ethereum blockchain. In essence, Etherscan is both a blockchain explorer and analytics platform. This platform can act with the functionsread more
Need proof that everybody is provided with transparency to the Binance ecosystem? So, the matter is that BscScan indexes the Binance Smart Chain. Consequently, it becomes searchable through a marvelous and helpful user more
Let me introduce you to a crypto token offering run on a Decentralized Exchange: we call it IDO. It should be mentioned that liquidity pools have a very great role in IDO's because they make liquidity post-sale. Would you like to learn a bit about typical IDO?read more
ICO stands for an Initial Coin Offering. ICO helps various teams to get funds for any necessary project regarding the cryptocurrency world. The matter is that teams cause blockchain-build tokens in order to sell to supporters at veryread more
You should always keep your cryptocurrencies safe, whether you're purchasing them, storing them, or investing them. Otherwise, you will never get back your lost tokens. Learning how to properly protect your digital coins is a crucialread more
In blockchain networks, transaction fees are primarily paid to miners or validators who help confirm transactions and protect the network from spam attacks. Transaction fees can be either high or low, depending on how the networkread more
The concept of Proof of Burn is probably the most recognized and reliable alternative to the PoW consensus algorithm in the cryptocurrency world, even though there are more than one version of PoB. In many ways Proof of Burn is similar to the Proof of Work algorithm, but has lower power more
The matter is that smart contracts here are apps that function on a blockchain. They run as a digital agreement. Such an agreement is always carried out by a certain number of rules. We should note that the mentioned rules are presetread more
Proof of Authority (PoA) is a reputation-based consensus algorithm that is a practical and powerful solution for blockchain networks (including private ones). The PoA consensus algorithm relies on identity value, which means thatread more
liquidity mining and our guest yield farming are almost twins. They help create a way to generate prizes with the help of crypto possessions. To cut it short, the following fact denotes locking up crypto and then obtaining prizesread more
No one will argue that Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum are extremely similar. A lot of people state that public wallet addresses look the same either on Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum. These both blockchains allow operations concerning cross-chain projects. In any case, we should not remember that these chains definitely have distinctions. Let’s look into some differences between more
A mining pool is used to guarantee a really steady stream of revenue to its members. Good hardware can lead people further and further. Unfortunately, the possibilities of the situation when people actually mine a block is not highlyread more
One of the most striking features of staking is that some people consider it a less resource-intensive variant of mining. This concept includes having funds in a crypto wallet so as to be sure in safety guarantees and operations ofread more
Stablecoin is a crypto-asset backed by multiple sources (meaning traditional currencies such as the US dollars in your bank account), including fiat currency or precious metal. Stablecoins were created to avoid the cryptocurrency'sread more
Liquidity is a very important thing that shows how easily we can sell assets for cash. When somebody says ‘liquidity’, the first idea that comes to mind is cash and more
The Internet is constantly developing. We have already met the past two generations Web 1.0 and 2.0, and we are eager to see what Web 3.0 will more
Without any doubt, a crypto airdrop is a  transfer of digital assets from crypto projects to users’ wallets. The distribution of coins or tokens to users so as to increase awareness of projects is the main goalread more
Blockchain technology has existed longer than cryptocurrencies, but its prospects were recognized only after the creation of bitcoin in 2008. Since then, interest in blockchain technology has grown steadily around the world, and todayread more
If you have cryptocurrency, you become highly vulnerable to different unpleasant occasions. Why does it happen? The matter is that cryptocurrency is portable and we cannot revert any transaction that was made. In the world of digital realm a lot of scams exist more
Today we will speak about DAO, which means ‘decentralized autonomous organization’. This is not an organization that is ruled with the help of human beings but by computer programs. For sure, it has advantages concerningread more
Proof of Attendance Protocol. This protocol creates digital all of that live onchain. Moreover, Proof of Attendance Protocol also denotes the collectibles particularly. Such protocols are produced via smart contracts as non-fungibleread more
A consensus mechanism describes protocols and algorithms that help cryptocurrency function. Such mechanisms are necessary because cryptocurrencies are not centralized. Additionally, they do not have any control of financial more
It should be mentioned that the Crypto Fear and Greed Index is a weighted estimation of market data, but at this point all the similarities finish. The Crypto Fear and Greed Index is only a market indicator that can complement the more
Imagine being offered trading pairs for a certain asset. And this offer is made by an exchange. This process is called "listing" the more
Today we will speak about such a notion as ‘delisting’. Have you heard it before? As far as the cryptocurrency sphere is concerned, delisting means the removal of an asset from…Any ideas?read more
If you would like (and it is unavoidable, of course) to keep the crypto that belongs to you, send and obtain crypto transactions, you need a special software program to fulfill these aims. One of the methods is a crypto more
Curve Finance is a decentralized exchange made in order to trade cryptocurrency. The last one keeps attention on great stablecoin trading. With the help of it investors can avoid more volatile crypto more
At every step, we can hear the following statement: ‘Let’s use BNB to pay for everything we need, settle transaction fees on Binance Smart Chain and take part in special token sales’. Of course, it may be a good more
Coin burn occurs not rarely but constantly: there is not the access to the key in the process of sending cryptocurrency tokens to the wallet. It means that the tokens that are lost in such a way will be lost more
A bear market is a situation when prices decline. It concerns any market, not only the cryptocurrency world. There is either a stable or big decline at a bear market. Such a decline can be observed for many months or even years. Asread more
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