Liquidity is a very important thing that shows how easily we can sell assets for cash. When somebody says ‘liquidity’, the first idea that comes to mind is cash and money. This notion defines the levels of cash available and how fast we can turn a financial asset into cash. It also shows how much significant value loss can occur.
Consequently, assets that cannot be turned into cash without some problems are called not liquid. The assets that can be exchanged without any problems are known as liquid assets. It is a great pity, but a market that does not seem to be liquid requires the trader to wait for a long time. This operation is necessary for order to be fulfilled.
Obviously, traders really look for liquid markets in order to buy and sell financial things in a proper way. In this way, traders can avoid too high prices. It should be noted that every market that gives an opportunity to buy and sell more of an item is thought to be more competitive.

Please, keep in mind that the situation when you exchange crypto for cash may turn into a delay of time or an expensive price. In any case, it is predicted that the liquidity of cryptocurrencies is probably to increase and assets become more widely accepted in their capacity as mediums of exchange.

How to add Liquidity at Venera Swap
  1. Go to the Liquidity page
  2. Follow the instructions
  3. Add LP token on Farm or Boost Farm . 
  4. Earn money

Video instruction how to add Liquidity and farming at Venera Swap