Stephen Hawking once said: ‘Be curious’. We believe that if people are interested in the sphere of cryptocurrency, they are even more than curious. They are super curious! We guess that only the path of self-development has led you to this sphere in general and this article in particular.

Today we will look up the ‘POAP’ idea.

To begin with, the abbreviation POAP stands for Proof of Attendance Protocol. This protocol creates digital all of that live onchain. Moreover, Proof of Attendance Protocol also denotes the collectibles particularly. Such protocols are produced via smart contracts as non-fungible tokens. It all happens on the Ethereum blockchain. This protocol was made as a hackathon project. Its aim was to reward hackers for their attendance at such a diversified event on our planet.
If you are an event participant, these protocols will give you an opportunity to verify your attendance with the help of gathering digital. For sure, the badges are totally unique. The following question is logical: what does their uniqueness mean? It means that you can claim them only at the event. It is great news that all badges are clearly unique and non-replicable. You can even trade it as NFTs!

All these badges can easily confirm that a person visited an event or, for instance, studied at a certain place. Just imagine that you entered the most famous universities on our planet (may your dreams come true)! In this way, you will have a great proof of your studies there. ‘Great acts are made up of small deeds.’
Let’s see in detail what categories of users are included into POAP. They are event organizers and collectors. As far as event organizers are concerned, they create events, make and distribute POAP badges. Moreover, collectors sometimes bookmark some situations in their lives or show their attendance to others with custom, unique NFT badges. How do you like the idea of airdrop targeting and community polls? What about conference discounts and VIP meetings? And social graphs? There are huge opportunities thanks to POAP!
It is so cool that one day we will be able to look back and enjoy these colorful memories from the past. In addition, all of these will be possible because of POAP! On the one hand, we will have a QR. It will be scanned in order to access POAP. On the other hand, we will be given a chance of creating ours for our event. Some people ask if POAP has any monetary value. Because, for example, other types of NFTs are bought and sold among people. The answer is ‘no’. Nevertheless, not everything can be measured in money. They will give you such positive memories in their turn!

There are no mistakes, only opportunities. Proof of Attendance Protocol will develop, undoubtedly. It is predicted that it will have more cases of using: may be acknowledging contributions, giving privileges to community members, etc. It is highly important that POAP will also act in order to prove blockchain resumes and give people worthy proof regarding their education and qualifications.