One of the best marketing strategies is crypto airdrop. Why is it needed? This strategy is adopted by startups in the crypto sphere. It helps to advance various projects and new tokens. The distribution of native crypto to users is done for free. Multiple kinds of airdrops exist in the world. Of course, these kinds have unique requirements. In any case, the main aim of airdrops is increasing awareness and interest in projects. 

When one owns one or some crypto wallets, one can get an airdrop. In this case, please, be attentive to potential scammers! Some false airdrops can steal funds from your wallets. In order to avoid it, it is necessary to be sure of the legitimacy of the project before asking for an airdrop. Please, be very attentive  in case it asks to join the wallet to any website (airdrop, of course).

An airdrop is…

Without any doubt, a crypto airdrop is a  transfer of digital assets from crypto projects to users’ wallets. The distribution of coins or tokens to users so as to increase awareness of projects is the main goal. Such tokens are given out for free to users, but some airdrops ask users to perform exact tasks before claiming.

The work of airdrops

In the modern world there are a lot of crypto airdrops, nevertheless such airdrops often include cryptocurrency being distributed to some wallets (as a rule it is on Ethereum/Binance Smart Chain). Nevertheless, there are also projects that give out NFTs, not common crypto.

Some projects distribute them without asking for any information, while others will ask users to perform exact tasks before claiming. You can be asked to visit social media accounts, subscribe to some newsletters, and save a small number of coins.

Kinds of airdrops

We will discuss some usual examples of airdrops which consist of bounty, exclusive, holder airdrops.

To begin with, bounty airdrop asks users to do some tasks, for instance  making a post on the project (it can be Facebook or Twitter), joining the project's Telegram, writing some posts. So as to get a bounty airdrop, users are usually ordered to fill in a special form with wallet addresses and prove that they really did the necessary tasks.

Secondly, an exclusive airdrop just mails crypto to nominated wallets. Usually, users posees a history concerning the project, for instance being an amazing community representative or a great supporter of the project.

Thirdly, holder airdrops give out free tokens to users that have a certain sum of digital currencies in the wallets. The project team as a rule has a picture of users' crypto possessions on a specific date and time. If the wallet balance meets the minimum requirement, recipients can ask for free tokens according to their holdings at the time of the picture.

How to get this airdrop?

Without any doubt, the process will be various from project to project. But the most important thing users need for claiming an airdrop is a cryptocurrency wallet. After that, you can check if your wallet received free tokens. If not, you will likely have to interact with a website to claim the airdrop.

Avoiding scams

In order not to allow being fooled, please, always analyze the project's official website as well as social media channels. Save the official links and really analyze if they are really doing an airdrop. In case there is no data on the project, please, fulfill extra research so as to learn what the crypto community means. Don’t pay attention to any airdrop, if you cannot find any data on it. 

In order to protect yourself even better, just open new wallets and new email addresses for just getting airdrops. This variant can help to understand that the personal funds are really in a safe place. Be careful and  in no way share the  private keys with nobody.

So, use airdrops and stay tuned!

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