Some years ago, the following quotation was popular: ‘Perhaps, crime pays. Because you meet many interesting people and travel a lot’. Nowadays crime does not mean traveling. Crime can be committed when criminals sit at their computers.
Consequently, if you have cryptocurrency, you become highly vulnerable to different unpleasant occasions. Why does it happen? The matter is that cryptocurrency is portable and we cannot revert any transaction that was made. In the world of digital realm a lot of scams exist currently.

Social media

Firstly, we should mention social media. It is very helpful, on the one hand, but can be dangerous on the other. For instance, have you ever had situations when some crypto organizations offer you the following deal: ‘Send us BNB/BTC/ETH and we will return you 20 times more.
Do you believe in such offers? The truth is that we can get them only with bad intentions. There cannot be legitimate purposes if they people ask at first about obtaining your money. In addition, the problem is that there are hundreds of such staff on the social media. Moreover, they are mostly bots who send the messages.
How to behave if you meet ‘messages of kindness’? Please, let’s not give our attention to them. It will be safe in this case. Be curious and analyze the profiles that send you the messages. They are fakes.

Ponzi schemes

Have ever heard of Ponzi schemes? Moreover, what about Pyramid? Oh yes, they are various. Nevertheless, they are both dangerous. The two schemes promise to present you a lot of money if your friends or relatives join these schemes.
‘Do you have some money? Make investment and get wonderful profits!’ shouts Ponzi scheme. Organizers shall take investors’ money and send the money to the pool. In addition, when new people are added, an inflow of cash appears. Older investors are paid off with newer investors’ money, a cycle that can continue as more newcomers join. It happens that no more cash is left; in this case, there is no ability to carry payouts to former investors. There is no doubt that such a system will break.
If a pyramid scheme is concerned, we can always find the organizer of the pyramid. In this case, some people are recruited and each of them will recruit some more workers. That is the system. This phenomenon received its name because of this structure.
The matter is that the pyramid cannot grow for a long time. The former members will get an increasing stream of revenue as the distribution costs are passed from the lower to the upper levels. It occurs when pyramids increase.

Suspicious applications

Mothers have been telling us not to download suspicious applications since our childhood. Of course, sometimes we do not listen to advice. We download such apps and at first, we do not notice any issues in them. Look out, please! These apps can steal your cryptocurrencies. As people are given the address to fund the wallet and/or to obtain money, people are sending funds to the address that the fraudster has. In this case, you cannot change anything.
There is a question: how to avoid the problems that are connected with suspicious applications? Please, download any app from the official sites.


Some people like fishing, but no one likes phishing for sure. It means the scammer impersonates a person or company to obtain personal information from victims. We can see it in different situations: surfing our telephones, checking our emails, visiting fake sites or downloading messaging applications. Issues with messaging apps are really usual things in the sphere of cryptocurrency.
For instance, we can receive emails saying that we have something wrong with our account. In this case we, according to their words, should follow a link to solve the issue. Be aware of such links! You will follow fake websites and lose your data and cryptocurrencies.
If we want to avoid such issues, please, always check the name and the URL of the website that you surf. You can always bookmark your favorite sites. If you get any messages, you can contact the person or the company on the phone or in reality. Do not tell anybody about your passwords.

Vested interests

And one more danger is vested interests. Please, as far as investments is concerned, never take someone’s word for granted on what cryptocurrencies or tokens to buy. You never know their true intentions. They may be paid to have a big investment of their own. No project is guaranteed to be a success. Actually, many of the projects will fail.

In order to avoid further problems, please, be very aware. Check URLs, the name of sites, domains. Always download applications from the official websites. Do not believe strangers, because they may have their own intentions. Stay tuned and sensible of all your actions.