Small pigeons can carry big messages," the saying goes. To prove this, let's take cryptocurrency "listings" as an example.
Imagine being offered trading pairs for a certain asset. And this offer is made by an exchange. This process is called "listing" the asset.
When assets are listed along with a trading pair (either BTC or one of the most significant exchange pairs), we can observe as well as feel confidence in digital assets. Listing brings many wonderful emotions: the certainty that there is enough liquidity in the related trading pair and can create an accurate price discovery.
If you're interested in this fact, the concept of "listing" comes from the realm of traditional markets. According to its definition, it means that a company's stock is in your possession and can be traded on a particular stock exchange.
The concept of "listing" is very succinct (as the proverb suggests). Nevertheless, by the act of listing, the stock exchanges assure us that the asset shares are obviously a basic threshold of quality.

However, remember that on decentralized exchanges, any user can list any cryptocurrency pair. Be careful and always research the project before buying.