VeneraSwap is an AMM DEX that captures one of the largest DeFi Protocols which is the Curve Finance and will be based on BSC network. VeneraSwap will have the 4 year lock model with boosted farms, boost factors, and the ability for users to vote and the decide the emissions of the farms by holding the locked VSW tokens.

Motivations and Goals

Curve Finance has a unique model that allows the wars of bribes as well as locking tokens for up to 4 years in return for a boost by obtaining veCRV, however Venera wants to do things differently. Since Spiritswap was the first to implement a similar feature on the Fantom Opera network, we have decided to do the following:

1 - Airdrop Spirit token holders

2 - Airdrop Early adopters

3 - Airdrop users who follow us and perform social tasks for our platform such as the ones mentioned below


Total supply: 1,000,000,000:

  • Farms: 73%
  • DAO: 5%
  • Development: 5%
  • Team & Marketing: 8% , Teams tokens are released linearly
  • Advisors: 2%
  • Airdrop: 2%
  • Pre-sale: 4%, what is left unsold will be burned
  • Liquidity: 1%

Launch Airdrop:

1 - The first airdrop will target the Spiritswap community:

For SpiritSwap token holders, we will conduct a snapshot for $Spirit holders at a specific period yet to be determined and airdrop $VSW tokens to $Spirit holders at a ratio that is yet to be announced.

2 - Early adopters:

We wanted to identify Venera users who will be actively using Venera to swap, farm and lock their VSW as a part of their crypto experience.

3 - Being active on our social media.

Following/ Liking/Commenting/Retweeting and engaging on our social media.

Users who Follow our Twitter page and likes/Comment/Retweets
In addition to joining our social media platforms such as Discord, Twitter and Telegram and be active on them are subject to an airdrop.

To be eligible join the following links:



Twitter (Follow/Like/Comment and Retweet): 


Further details will be announced before launch… in the coming days

The selected airdrop receivers are for addresses that have used VeneraSwap, including both early adopters and newer users, but focuses on a group that has used VeneraSwap multiple times.

There will be more airdrops in the future. However this is just the start.